Extra virgin Olive oil PDO Riviera Ligure is a fundamental ingredient in Ligurian cuisine, found in every recipe, from simpler to more elaborate savoury and sweet recipes. A basic ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet, declared by science as a perfect nutritional model! It is made from selected olives of the Taggiasca variety which is a fruity flavoured olive, excellent when in brine, with low acidity, this is the secret of the incomparable sweetness and lightness of the extra virgin olive oil made from DOP (PDO Protected Designation of Origin) Taggiasca olives.
You can find several family-owned olive oil producers in and around Cervo who are delighted to show you their grounds and explain the process of pressing olive oil. This activity is a perfect complement to wine tasting in the region.

Wine Tasting
The DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente wine region is only a twenty minute drive from Cervo. There you will find the famous Vermentino, Pigato and Rossese wines. We can arrange a wine tasting in one of the nearby vineyards, where you will be guided through the cellars and taught about the production of high quality Ligurian wines.

Italian Cooking Class
There is no better place than Liguria to learn about Italian dishes and the famous Meditteranean Diet, the secrets of this exquisite cuisine and its key ingredients, all from true connoisseurs. We can help tailor your lesson based on your taste or interests.